Wen jou heave not a proper mast for the Jamboree on the air jou take a telecrane . Wen jou heave a telecrane jou heave a proper mast for ATVand VHF / UHF.  More about ower clubstation. PI4AMG.NL
Sail 2000 the scouting groep with ATV on board of a tugboat for live television The signal go on 23 cm to a local ATV repeater and relay to another ATV transmitters.
Compleet HF station off PB1PCH and PI4AMG Lithing Tubes off the PA

Many time PB1PCH works with equipment for Jamboree station.

Al many jears als HF operator  with TS 50 trx and power  Amitron AL-811H amplifier and antenne equipment
F/ PB1PCH Visit a Passengerschip with technikal problems at Verdun de Doubs ON/ PB1PCH leaving Antwerp harbour to Amsterdam
Asist at the harbour off Amsterdam with the tugboat "Marconi" Repair main power switsh board on board off a cargo ship
Repair radio equipment on board off vessels at the harbour Amsterdam

After unloading fresh seawater at the Zoo of Amsterdam for the sealive aquarium and for the Seals

More off my company ( only dutch ) QRL